Chair massage in 8 questions for your business

What is the minimum massage time required to justify the therapist’s travel?

3 hours total.

How long are the massages?

Massages of 15 to 30 minutes are much appreciated. At special events or when many people are present, 10 minutes is the most popular formula.

Can the therapists issue insurance receipts?

Yes, our team professionals are members of recognized federations.

What preparations are needed?

None. We will take care of all your needs. To keep things simple, we will send you a schedule, in accord with the agreement, so that each client can reserve their own massage.

How much space is needed for the massages?

The working space required is 6 feet by 10 feet.

What territory do you cover?

During the last decade, we have built up a bank of therapists throughout Quebec and Canada. Our clients have even had us travel to Aruba. It’s up to you to challenge us.

Why choose COCHEZ-SANTÉ?

Your wellbeing is our reputation. It’s in our own interest to show you exceptional service that you’ll remember.

Do you offer Home chair massage?

Yes. Our therapists can give chair massages at home for family gatherings or special occasions that we’ll transform into memories.

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