Prevention 101: Why choose chair massage?

How is it in your interest to offer chair massage to your staff? Is it worthwhile? To find out, check the reasons that justify this investment and discover why prevention is a wise choice both for the employee and the company.

Company benefits Employee benefits
Increased productivity

Stress reduction

Increased resistance to stress factors

According to the touch research institute of Miami, as few as two 15 minute massages a week significantly improves workplace productivity.
Increased concentration and creativity


Better oxygenation

A business culture that favors creativity and allows for innovation generates new ideas and attracts new talent.
Improved performance

Release of certain pain

Prevention of pain and inflammation associated with bursitis, tendonitis, torticollis, lumbago, neck pain etc.

Many of our therapists are trained in pain reduction associated with injuries due to repetitive movements.
Decrease in absenteeism and "just showing up"

Reinforces the immune system

Disease prevention

Higher quality work

Situations absenteeism costs companies in a high pressure competitive context, prevention becomes extremely worthwhile.
Employee empowerment for health maintenance

Better elimination of toxins

Activates the blood and lymphatic systems

Restorative sleep

Each recipient gets a health questionnaire and, according to the agreement a personalized stretching program; tools that can help them follow the evolution of their condition and take charge of their own health.

Upon request, we can customize your program to include yoga specific relaxation techniques with our partner ZEN & CIE. A valuable tool for stress management.

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